Question: What does {A} mean in word template file and new word files names template?
Answer: This letter corresponds to the column name in the excel file.

Question: Exwog program does not work. What should I do?
Answer: The reason can be the following:
 - You have not permissions to run the file Exwog program;
 - You have not permissions to read the excel-file data (Excel file with data);
 - You have not permissions to read the file "template" word-file (Word template file);
 - You have not permissions to write to the folder for the formation of new documents (Folder to save the new word files);
 - Your antivirus program is blocking the launch Exwog.
If all of the above reasons are absent - mail us at

Question: Are you planning to evolve your project?
Answer: Yes, of course. We plan to release new versions of the software.

Question: I use Libre Office. Can I use your software?
Answer: Yes. Our program only depends on the file format you are working with. So that you can use Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office etc.

Question: How to install Exwog on Linux?
Answer: For installation Exwog on Linux the path to downloaded script ( or should not contain spaces and you should make the script executable - chmod +x (in terminal). Then run the script - bash (in terminal).

Question: Why does the program need access to the Internet?
Answer: When launched, the program sends two requests to the server. The first request sends to the server the mac-address of lan-card, hashed several times - to statistics accounting of new and regular users. The second request queries the server for the current version of the program — to inform the user about the availability of a newer version, if any.

Question: Despite the previous point, I want to have an "offline" version of the program without the need for an internet connection.
Answer: If you have tried the free "online" version of the program and it suits you completely - you can purchase a paid "offline" version for 100$, provided that it is not distributed on the Internet (provided that it will not be made publicly available). To do this, write us at and we will prepare it in a few days.

Question: I find bugs. What should I do?
Answer: Write on the forum or us at

Question: I have a question. What should I do?
Answer: Write on the forum or us at

Question: I want new features. What should I do?
Answer: Write on the forum or us at